We focus on sustainability

"For me, from a designer's point of view, sustainable fashion is fashion that is not only justified by good design and a nice quality product, but it is also fashion that does not harm the environment and brings more to the consumer than what something already produced can bring. Because if there's no additional added value, there's no point in producing anything new."
Lada Vyvialová

For us at LADA, sustainability means that we do the work we do with traceable provenance (we know all our suppliers personally), with a controlled production process and with a quality that is timeless or at least maximum.

LADA models are sustainable because we build them in our own conditions. For one thing, we try to eliminate energy and carbon dioxide consumption during production, transport or excessive handling. And we also omit those cells that can be omitted. This means that we have our fabrics made to order in the Czech Republic, relatively close to our studio. And that's the important thing. We know that it's not material that's lying around that might be used but might not sell. That doesn't exist here. Every single metre of nano-substance produced is already predetermined for a specific piece and each one is consumed in our studio.

What makes a nanomaterial sustainable?

For us, nanomaterials are not a marketing slogan, but a reason to produce new clothes at all, of which there is a surplus in the world in general. Our fabrics are not just ordinary, we enrich them with nanotechnology. Which means that the material has added value with unrivalled properties. It has more utility, it brings more comfort to the user than conventional materials and than the natural materials with which our material is combined. There is a much higher probability that our clothes will be worn longer and used better. And this is very important for us, not only with regard to the planet.

This is also related to the minimalist design of the models - within minimalism, each garment can be used in many different ways for many different uses and respects different body types, so that the usability of the dress is everyday and this significantly reduces CPW (cost per wear). Which is an additional benefit beyond the physical properties of the nanomaterial that reduce maintenance - ironing and washing. With our models, we want to contribute to the reduction of items of clothing in the wardrobe and oppose the simultaneous devaluation of the value of clothing as such. It is now perceived as a consumer item.

Western society treats clothes as something that is almost free and throws them away in large numbers. In the past, clothing was a very valuable part of life, even a currency. Good quality clothing was important and passed down through the generations. Certain materials, colours or embroidery represented social status or belonging to a particular community. Of course, people didn't have closets full of clothes, but could only afford two or three outfits. Today it is exactly the opposite. As manufacturing has moved to the Third World, people's relationship with their clothes has disappeared. Yet fashion is still part of our non-verbal communication. Clothes still "make the man."

With a slow fashion philosophy, the LADA atelier brings clothing collections and strives to bring back value and quality models to our (ideally minimalist) wardrobes that will last countless seasons and, thanks to simple design, will always be relevant, regardless of current trends. All the pieces of clothing in a cross-section of our collections are combinable with each other and have countless wearable options, so even with just a few pieces you can create an outfit for any occasion.