AUVERSUM - the new reality of dressing

The magic is hidden in the nanomaterial for which LADA's designer clothing is famous. Digital sculptor Helena Lukášová has imprinted the nano fabric with her authentic artistic style, hiding in the elements of a three-dimensional virtual digital scene, fragments of which appear in augmented reality (AR). The dresses made of this fabric themselves resemble a unique work of art. Its three-dimensionality and virtual form is activated the moment a smartphone is used. It opens up a world of augmented reality through a mobile app, emerging from the dress in front of you.

The AUVERSUM collection consists of three motifs of colourful prints: New Black, Mass and Bush. These are 3D objects whose form is complemented by a curved reflection on the surface of another body and illumination. Each fragment of the pattern on the fabric functions as a separate image and carries a marker to trigger AR.

To properly capture the visual moment, Lada Vyvialova has created dress cuts with smooth surfaces that fit in with her minimalist style of design fashion. The simple-looking cuts, however, hide a complex geometry that makes the clean panel of fabric stand out on any body type. However, the AUVERSUM dress was not created for the designer's need to dress people. With the visual effect of AR, we want to shock and arouse discussion about the possibilities of technology and contemporary society's approach to clothing.

"People today treat clothes as something that is almost free and has no value to them. And they don't mind that we generate tons of textile waste. Yet clothing was a phenomenon a hundred years ago. Quality clothing had value and was passed down through generations. Certain materials, colours or embroidery represented social status or belonging to a particular community. As production moved to the Third World, people's relationship with their clothes disappeared. Yet fashion is still part of our non-verbal communication. We should give it back its meaning," explains Lada Vyvialová.

Both artists will present the fashion collection of the LADA brand, which can transform minimalist clothes into an augmented virtual reality world, at the Colours of Ostrava festival on Saturday 22 July 2023 with a fashion show and debate on sustainable fashion We are what we wear at Meltingpot.